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- Each paying member will receive a OP’s VIP 2021 Tumbler

- Your tumbler will have your name and VIP number written on the bottom, and on display in the bar, waiting to be used each day you come into the bar

-When you come in we will grab your tumbler and make your cocktail in it (you may need to remind us to grab it)

-You will receive special pricing all year long, from well drinks to top shelf. Well drinks will always be $3.00 all other liquors will be $0.50 off regular prices (or the special pricing of the day if it’s cheaper)

-Discounted prices are only effective if you are using your VIP Tumbler

-Admittance to 2 (or more) VIP Exclusive parties during the year. With the final one being the last week of the year, at this time you will be able to take your tumbler home with you

-Your membership will also include a OP’s VIP card

-Your VIP Card will get you discounted cover charge (the few times a year we charge a cover charge)

-A bonus raffle ticket for any raffle Greg’s gives out free raffle tickets

-Each membership is only good for one year, each following year you will keep your same Membership number and card, but will get a new tumbler when you renew your membership. You must renew your membership to continue VIP benefits the following year

-You will also get a discount at select places in the City

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