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June 1980- Bill Brown and Dean Gardner become business partners to buy a one room bar on 16th Street called the Wawase.

Within the first year the bar expanded to the room to the east. This was the first gay levi-leather bar in Indianapolis. There were quite a few more expansions over the years including the dance floor room. During these years Dean Gardener died leaving Bill Brown the sole owner.

They renamed it Our Place  which quickly became known as O.P.’s.

In 1992 the business was put up for sale and purchased by Phil Denton and his partner Greg Powers. Their mission statement for the bar was to not only have a fun place for homosexuals to gather, but also to give back to the community and any organizations that supported its well being.

Right after purchasing the bar they began the process of upgrading the sound and lighting system to state of the art equipment for its time.

During the 90’s into the 2000’s O.P.’s became the largest fundraising organization for the AIDS Walk as well as being a major supporter for many other gay organizations.

In 2001 the bar expanded on another room which is now where the pool room is.

In 2002 Greg Powers passed away and was one of the most influential supporters for the gay community both with his time and money. It was immediately following his passing that Phil Denton decided to rename the bar in his honor. This was to support and carry on the traditions of the business and support the LGBTQ community in whatever way it could.

It was in June of 2017 Phil Denton passed away and left ownership of the bar to his longtime partner Mark Condon. Mark has promised to carry on all the traditions of Gregs for the past 38 years into the future.

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